Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So work has been good. Have been pretty busy. Michael especially. A LOT of shop lifters around the holidays! Oh and did I mention?? He had been promoted twice and he hasn't been there a full year yet! I am so proud of him! He is so good at his job!

So family time means pictures so here are some picture updates:

MIchael and I in Chicago (above) Chicago! (below) NOt a holiday picture but michael and I went to Chicago on a family trip a couple months ago so here are pics!
Family Picture! (michaels side)

Christmas tree photo!!! Taken by a tree!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does anyone know how to add a music playlist to your blog???

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello! So we have an APARTMENT!!! yay! we moved in a couple weeks ago and
we are still slowly moving in little by little but it is
so nice to have our own place. I've missed just being there and relaxing and it feels
so good!!! I'll take some pictures and put them on here when I get time (and it's cleaner). :)
Being in my own place has inspired me to make a list of goals. Things to do/learn! Here it is.
  1. Learn to sew (I've been following my cousin Julie's blog and it makes me crave the sewing machine.)
  2. cook more/learn more recipes/ try more things
  3. eat healthier
  4. BE healthier
  5. Collect more British Movies
  6. Travel more
  7. Be happier

What do you think??

Monday, May 3, 2010

The OFFICIAL remodel begins!!!

So... we are OFFICIALLY re-decorating our bedroom! Michael ripped out the carpet about two months ago and underneath....BEAUTIFUL WOOD FLOORING! it is gorgeous!
So today after work I went to the Home Depot (which is NOT a man's store but a BOTH store because wow...I love it. Endless ideas. oh. yes)
I picked out about 1000 paint swatches and tried to find which one suited our room the best.
I wanted something light and happy and sunshiney so I opted for blue and yellow and white. But non of the yellows seem to..speak to me, so I chose a white/very very very light blue called "OPAL" by Martha stewart for the door, window frames, and ceiling
(shown below)

the other color is a light blue called "love in a mist" by Martha stewart. It will be the WALL color. The main attraction, if you will :P
(shown below)

So since we are re-decorating our little "mini apartment" in michaels parents house we are going to go all out. Michael bought new bedding that will match perfectly with the colors and I have been going to http://modcloth.com/ to find perfect little
retro accessories to go with it! I LOVE that place.
anyways, I will try to post before and after pictures. This time for real...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So the time has come again! Every 6 mnths or so I get this strange feeling. It's a feeling that just wont go away! what is it?? I want to chop off my hair! yes. chop it all off. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but sometimes my hair gets so...dead feeling and I want something new, bouncy, and voluminous. Above is a picture of my hair now.....dreadful. sorry for the weird "I'm staring into your soul" feeling. Not really sure why i was looking like that. Anyways, I spend agonizing housrs (actually probably minutes but hours sound more dramatic) on the computer studying the latest hair trends and what celebrities are doing with their hair and just what I think is cute and get..well...nowhere actually. SO...should I get my hair cut?? that is the big question. I've narrowed it down...sort of....
This picture is just for fun. i found it randomly searching and it actually is pretty hilarious to me. anyway...

So I really like the pixie cut. I have always liked it because it is so forward yet elegant at the same time! But sadly I feel that once I get it I would regret it! but it is SO CUTE!! but do you have to be a movie star to pull this off? would a lowly person like me even have a chance? what do you think???

Then on the totally opposite end of the spectrum there is the long and flowy haircut. It is elegant and so bouncy and classic. I love it but I think maybe I like more the IDEA of it then the actual cut....but it's pretty, no??

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello! So much time has passed! Let's see what has happened! I got a job at Option Care. A Home health agency. I enter Data. exciting! Well not exactly but it is so much better than working at Bajio and smelling like rice or working at Kmart and smelling like...well nothing actually but customer service??? ick! anyways, so here are somepictures of stuff we've done in the past 2+ months!

THese are pics of michael and I jumping at the high school. It was right between sessions in General COnference and it was beautiful outside so we just had to enjoy it!!!

Caitlin and her girls came over for Easter so we all decorated eggs and had an easter egg hunt for the girls. It was fun! And as you can see we all had funs with the plastic egg things. We look like aliens!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

we made it

Phew. After packing up our entire apartment (I'm exaggerating a bit) and driving for 10 days and 50000 miles we finally made it! HERE WE ARE WASHINGTON!!! Okay so the ride wasn't THAT long it's just I've never driven by myself for about fourteen hours. There were parts of the trip I had never even seen before but thats just because while michael and I usually came I was asleep. haha.
So being here is great. The weather is wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain, as well as the sunshine, and I cannot WAIT to re-do our bedroom! We've been given the "GO" on giving our room a facelift and I cannot wait!!!!!!! I've never been able to do that to a room of my own before. James never let us touch our white walls. Bleck. (u probably remember this danielle) and we couldn't really paint our apartment so...YAY! I'm thinking light blue walls and maybe focus the colors around a painting I've done. like incorporate it? Does that even make sense?
oh and Michael loves his new job. He's working as a loss prevention-guy for Macy's. He gets to wear whatever he wants and stop bad guys! Plus it pays better than idaho which is a PLUS! I'm still looking for a job. Gonna really buckle down on it this week. I was sort of enjoying not working but I'm starting to get bored and restless and feeling useless. I need a job.
anyway, I'll try to post pics of before and after on the room!