Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello! So much time has passed! Let's see what has happened! I got a job at Option Care. A Home health agency. I enter Data. exciting! Well not exactly but it is so much better than working at Bajio and smelling like rice or working at Kmart and smelling like...well nothing actually but customer service??? ick! anyways, so here are somepictures of stuff we've done in the past 2+ months!

THese are pics of michael and I jumping at the high school. It was right between sessions in General COnference and it was beautiful outside so we just had to enjoy it!!!

Caitlin and her girls came over for Easter so we all decorated eggs and had an easter egg hunt for the girls. It was fun! And as you can see we all had funs with the plastic egg things. We look like aliens!!!


Laura Wynn said...

Ok, so the one with you and the eggs in your face is beyond creepy!!!
but...aliens are cool. ;)

Danae said...

Good thing we didn't come for Easter. I do not look good as an alien. :o)
It looks like your 2 hour break in between sessions of conference were way more exciting than ours. I think we took showers and ate lunch. The end... Maybe if we were cool like you, we'd do something fun.