Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello! So we have an APARTMENT!!! yay! we moved in a couple weeks ago and
we are still slowly moving in little by little but it is
so nice to have our own place. I've missed just being there and relaxing and it feels
so good!!! I'll take some pictures and put them on here when I get time (and it's cleaner). :)
Being in my own place has inspired me to make a list of goals. Things to do/learn! Here it is.
  1. Learn to sew (I've been following my cousin Julie's blog and it makes me crave the sewing machine.)
  2. cook more/learn more recipes/ try more things
  3. eat healthier
  4. BE healthier
  5. Collect more British Movies
  6. Travel more
  7. Be happier

What do you think??


Erin said...

I love the Collect More British Movies goal. :D

I think that when (not if, notice, but when) I come up to see you, we should make you a duct tape mannequin. I have one and I quite love her. It makes sewing 100x easier. Well, for me, anyway.

Laura Wynn said...

Love all the goals :)
and hooray for having your own place! That must be SO great!
love ya, miss ya.

joolee said...

yes, get a sewing machine, Blair!! it's so satisfying to create/sew something. and ditto on the British movies. :)