Thursday, November 17, 2011

waiting waiting waiting

so update: MIchael and I moved to Rexburg about a month ago! He has a bit less than a year of school to finish (YAY!) and so here we are! We have a nice little apartment and got all set up with new midwives so now it's a waiting game.
Michael has ajob so he is gone almost everyday (getting ajob here is rare so I'm not complaining)  I just don't have a job so I don't have much to do but wait.
The baby's room is finished! YAY! The house is almost completely unpacked (YAY) and guess who hasn't arrived yet? The. baby.
I really am getting impatient. I know I shouldn't, but seriously, I am SO SICK of being pregnant. I'm pretty sure I drive everyone crazy with my complaining but it is just MY TIME TO BE DONE!
Maybe my next post will be about my new baby (tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow. Say it with me)

OH and is anyone else NOT ready for thanksgiving and Christmas???