Monday, May 3, 2010

The OFFICIAL remodel begins!!!

So... we are OFFICIALLY re-decorating our bedroom! Michael ripped out the carpet about two months ago and underneath....BEAUTIFUL WOOD FLOORING! it is gorgeous!
So today after work I went to the Home Depot (which is NOT a man's store but a BOTH store because wow...I love it. Endless ideas. oh. yes)
I picked out about 1000 paint swatches and tried to find which one suited our room the best.
I wanted something light and happy and sunshiney so I opted for blue and yellow and white. But non of the yellows seem to..speak to me, so I chose a white/very very very light blue called "OPAL" by Martha stewart for the door, window frames, and ceiling
(shown below)

the other color is a light blue called "love in a mist" by Martha stewart. It will be the WALL color. The main attraction, if you will :P
(shown below)

So since we are re-decorating our little "mini apartment" in michaels parents house we are going to go all out. Michael bought new bedding that will match perfectly with the colors and I have been going to to find perfect little
retro accessories to go with it! I LOVE that place.
anyways, I will try to post before and after pictures. This time for real...


Laura Wynn said...

How fun!!! Those colors look great-and a wood floor! How cool is that! you better keep posting pics-I wanna see it :)

Laura Wynn said...

PS, Modcloth-awesome place!! glad you mentioned it!