Saturday, July 16, 2011


Okay everyone, it has come down to one conclusion...
I need to learn how to sew. My mom can sew, my sister can sew,
my cousins can sew, my sister in law can sew,
and I must learn.
Especially since now I have a baby boy on the way
I'd really like to make him clothes
and curtains
and shoes
and toys (if that even requires sewing...?)
and stuff.
Looking online at all this plethora of patterns and cloth it makes
me want to drool with longing!
First things first...I need a sewing MACHINE. I guess I could do the old old fashioned needle and thread and
making dinner over a hot fire in a pot waiting for my men to get home from slaving in the field-
 sort of thing but I'm too impatient for that.
Does ANYONE have any suggestions for a good sewing machine that isn't too expensive?


Suki said...

My first machine was good. But old. But free to me so I'm not complaining. My current machine is newer, rarely used, and still free to me.

I don't recommend any mini-size machines. Unless you aren't going to sew that much. Singers are good. My current machine is a Brother (also a good line).

You might want to check out your local freecycle and craigslist.

YES, you can make toys! There are balls and blocks you can make from fabric. There are also tons of felt toys you can make but those are typically hand sewn.

I just saw a tutorial for a dress shirt onesie. It immediately went on my list to make if I ever have a boy!

Sewing your kids clothes is going to be a huge savings even if you only make a few items.

Erin said...

You are so brave, Blair! I want a sewing machine, too, but I'm afraid that I would never use it... or worse, I'd do what I always do and start something but never finish it. :P We should both become sewing geniuses and trade patterns and stuff. :)

joolee said...

Mine is just a simple one, with literally 3 kinds of stitches. :) It's a Kenmore brand, which used to be the old Sears brand - Travis' mom SWEARS by their brand. She's had her Sears sewing machine forever. I've used hers and it's fantastic. I love mine and that it's nothing fancy - I think it was $99 or so when Travis bought it for me a few years ago.

Depends on what you want, but something simple seems best to start with. Good luck! I only started sewing before Celia was born and I LOVE it! It's so satisfying to create something, whether it's from a pattern, tutorial, or just something you made up yourself. Too fun! :)