Sunday, July 10, 2011

it's a...

Went to the doctors/ultra sound place on Friday (the 8th) to find out what our child is going
to be! This was SUCH an exciting thing for me, let me tell ya! Now I can TRULY
prepare! Prepare how I want the nursery to look, the clothes, and the name!
So we went to the ultra sound tech place (how do ya like the technical name?) and I had to have a full bladder. This was the most horrible thing ever! To have to have a full bladder and sit in a waiting room for FIVE HOURS (okay more like 20 min, but it felt like 5 hrs) while your husband
is being sweet and awesome and trying to make you laugh and you just CAN'T or an accident
might occur, and for some unknown reason your nose has decided to see how many times it can make you sneeze is, in a word, HORRIBLE! This must be what hell is like!
SO! I finally get called back there and lay down and the sweet lady who is doing our ultrasound is "I'm going to check all these things and afterwards we are going to see what the sex is."
Ten min into checking everything she was like "Oh, look at that! It's a boy!"
we were both stunned with our mouths agape. A boy? Us? We are having a BOY?
This was/still is big news since we have seven (count 'em, SEVEN) nieces and no nephews!
MIchael kept saying "Are you sure?"  "Are you positive?" That poor ultrasound tech! She was like "Well, I'll check again" ....MIchael made her check 4 times.
So we are very very sure it is a boy! And we are very happy and excited!

So ending this whole unnecessarily (sp?) long post I just wanna say how BLESSED we feel that we are even able to HAVE a baby, let alone a boy! And that it is healthy and strong is the greatest blessing of all!


Laura Wynn said...

Yay, yay, YAY! Sooo happy for you Blair! It's gonna be a great adventure!

joolee said...

yes!! we need more great men in this world! :) congrats on a little boyeeee. i'd love to have another little man myself! (and isn't all the pressing on a full bladder the WORST???!!! men have no idea. NO idea.)