Sunday, June 5, 2011


HA! Just laughing at myself because I put "Daily happenings" and you maybe get a post from me once a month! And in GOOD months you'll get two! Filled with mostly pictures.
THis one will not be filled with pictures though. Maybe just one. And it is NOT of my own doing. Since we got a new desk top computer (instead of doing EVERYTHING on our old laptop) I haven't been able to add more than one picture to this thing...Does anyone know how I can fix this? If so, please help!

Michael is still working (sometimes it feels constantly, but I am just a needy wife who wants him home all the time) and he is taking a Wicklander Zulowski seminar/class because it looks really good on a resume! For those of you who don't know, W&Z is a class that teaches you how to interview people to get the most info out of them (oh and if you didn't know, he is Loss Prevention so he interviews "suspects" , mostly employees, when they steal or cause company loss)

So we had our fist ultrasound about a month ago and it was one of the most wonderful things! We saw the baby move! We had an appointment about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I heard his/her heartbeat! That was also wonderful! I can't even say how blessed I feel that Michael and I are having a baby!
 Okay, no I'm going to complain a bit... the first trimester I was SO SICK! Everyday I was very nauseous  all day and just overall sick. I have developed some aversions that I have never had before. Cucumbers...yuck yuck yuck. I used to love them but now they are slippery, slimy, gross nasty smelling things. I can't even think of them without feeling sick.
I don't think I really crave things (not in an outrageous "I have to have it for every meal" way) but I have been able to tolerate more foods now. NOw that I am in my second trimester I have gotten LOADS better! Only nauseous every once in a while! The only thing I'm noticing is that my pants are getting tighter and I have to pee. constantly.
All the complaining aside, I am so happy to be pregnant!

my due date is Nov 25th! I am almost 4 months now! I'll be officially 4 months in a week! Isn't he/she beautiful? :)

The weather in Washington is usually rainy, damp, dark but for the past couple of days we have had beautiful glorious sunshine! I walked to the Farmers market yesterday just to enjoy the sunshine! I bought flowers and a loaf of cinnamon bread! When Michael came home from work, we walked around in the sunshine too and enjoyed some ice cream! I LOVE SUNSHINE! OH washington! WHy can't we have this forever? It *is* June, afterall. Is sun too much to ask???


joolee said...

when you moved to WA, i remember you saying how much you loved the rain! :) haha...i'm glad you're feeling better. nausea is SOOOO miserable, isn't it?? and yes, he/she is beautiful. but if you think you have to pee alot now, just you wait....

Suki said...

I totally agree. Just wait.... the pee thing gets worse.

I developed food aversions too but got over it once Kaelyn was born (after a few tries....).

Danae said...

It's so nice you are (mostly) feeling better!! And sunshine is the best! Hopefully we'll have some when you are over here. :)

Laura Wynn said...

aaaw!! I can't wait for your baby!! I need to come see you guys! :)
Good luck with being preggers! love!

Erin said...

Now you know how I feel about cucumbers! They are nasty, slimy things... I'm glad we finally agree. :)

I'm excited to come and see you, btw.

Also, I love "The Daily Kanneley." Makes your life sound sitcom-worthy (which, of course, it is).

I'm with you on missing your husband. And it's not cause you're needy, it's cause you love 'im. At least, that's what I tell myself.

BABY. <3