Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello! So it has been a while. I think I always start my blogs that way "It has been a while" sheesh. Trend anyone?
So Every new years I try to come up with resolutions and this year one of mine was to start running. Not to be a racer "I am going to win this 20,000 mile race!" but to run to be healthy and train myself to be able to run away from killers and not be weary :) So we bought me new actual running shoes (you know, the ones that cost a bit but were actually made for running) and some comfortable running pant things and updated my ipod. and...
I am actually doing pretty well at keeping this resolution!!! I have been running 3 or more days a week since beginning of January and I have noticed my legs are more toned and I don't gasp for breath as much! YAY FOR ME!

So new subject, Michael and I have been having more weekends together which I ADORE and so we try to go out and do something on those days. Last weekend we went on a ferry to Friday Harbor. First of all, I will say that I LOVE Ferries! They are beautiful ships that take you into the beautiful expanse of ocean! I love the ocean! And it was a little chilly and rainy (OH what a surprise for washington) that day but I loved it! It makes it seem more comfy and lovely!

I love these boots! Michael says that if the boat sinks than I could find shelter among the seals because my shoes were made from their babies. HAHA. (note: Blair's boots were NOT made from actual animals. all faux)

The weekend before last, Michael and I went on a hike (I can't remember where) but isn't the view beautiful?? (below)

So sometimes I think Michael and I have officially become an old couple. I know we have only been married for almost two years but guess what we're doing for valentines day???
De-cluttering the house together. Can't get anymore romantic than that. Although what I WANT for valentines day may just add more clutter. It is a 35mm Holga Mint camera from What a cool camera!!!

the end of my post for now


Laura Wynn said...

aw, love these! and did you take that waterfall picture?! Gorgeous!!

Danae said...

We need to take the girls on a ferry. I don't think we ever had- they are really fun though.

Love your pictures!

Suki said...

That view IS gorgeous!

Chelsea said...

super cute pictures, love that first picture.