Friday, February 25, 2011

CALI and updates!

So we went to California last week for about 4 days to visit Michael's grandparents! They live in Watsonville California which is about an hour south Francisco!  So, I have never been a fan of California. Whenever I would think of it, I would think of smog and tons of people in bikinis and drinking mochas and so on. But this area was beautiful! The weather was cool (not HOT like I expected) and the surrounding hillside was gorgeous! 
Here we are at the beach! We did some jumping pictures. WHAT  a surprise, right? 

My wonderful in laws. 

Stay tuned for some cool jumping pictures from Germany. We are leaving March 6th and staying until the 14th. So I think there are some cool jumping pictures in our future. I am so excited! My wonderful husband surprised me with the trip and I have been practicing my German on Rosetta Stone. So now, if I get myself in any trouble, I can say with a certainty "The car is white, i am eating a sandwich, I am drinking milk, the dog is big, i have a red book."
What could go wrong?

And in sad news, one of my favorite bands- The White Stripes- broke up a couple weeks ago. :( so sad. They are so talented and I love their music!
But in good news. There is always my other favorite band: Devotchka. Polky, jazzy, folky goodness.

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