Thursday, May 7, 2009

crazy times

Bajio is no more. NO MORE! No I didn't blow up the chain (although I won't deny the thought has crossed my mind)......I QUIT! yes, I did it and it felt great! I mean, it's hard to not have a job right now...I'm looking...but it felt like such a weight was lifted from me when i quit! They didn't put me on the schedule for three weeks in row! Also, my manager is SO...ugh! :( he drives me absolutely mad! He is being forced to cut hours every week, yet he hired more people. Does that make sense to anyone???? Maybe it's for a reason that makes SO MUCH sense to those business minded people and is just lost on me, but it seems crazy! okay....I'm just venting.. But to work at a place for over a YEAR and then this!?!?!?...
glad that's over.

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Danielle Kuhns said...

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