Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time to Brag

So I don't do crafty things very much. Okay, hardly at all. But we bought a new sewing machine and I hate to see it sit there not being used so I took some advice (stole an idea) from a friend
and I remember an idea a sister in law gave me about
making a pillow cover and I MADE ONE!
Yes indeed-y. I made one and may I just say I am proud!
For a first timer it turned out rather well!
First: I bought a yard of brown felt and about a yard of leftover fabric that I thought was cute.

Next, I took the felt and with the top and bottom of a cup I cut out circles. About 20 of each. Then I cut the circles in half.

I sewed the half circles on (like so) and kept going and going and
when I got close the middle I switched to the smaller semi-circles.

OH! I forgot to tell you I measured out the fabric to fit my pillow. Sorry. That is an important step.
Anywho, I sewed it all together....

...and VIOLA! Instant flower pillow covering thing! YAY!
I deserve a round of applause. I think it looks pretty darn good for a first timer.(Although it did take my four hours when the pattern thing I followed said it should only take 1...whatever. I'm a beginner, alright?)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I Absolutely ADORE autumn. So when the weather gets a bit
chilly compared to summer and the leaves fall
and the air is brisk, i get so excited because
For me, autumn means scarves, hats, boots, cute/adorable/chic jackets. Going outside on walks and not worrying about overheating but not freezing either. Breathing in the brisk air and feeling
better and healthier and for me the world just feels like
a better place.

One downside to the fall (well it's not really a downside, I guess)
ok so one thing that is difficult for me right now
is that I'm pregnant and I can't wear all the lovely autumn-y outfits I could before. Bummer. But that is ok! Because I love it anyway!

Totally random posting but I just had to share some feelings!