Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time to Brag

So I don't do crafty things very much. Okay, hardly at all. But we bought a new sewing machine and I hate to see it sit there not being used so I took some advice (stole an idea) from a friend
and I remember an idea a sister in law gave me about
making a pillow cover and I MADE ONE!
Yes indeed-y. I made one and may I just say I am proud!
For a first timer it turned out rather well!
First: I bought a yard of brown felt and about a yard of leftover fabric that I thought was cute.

Next, I took the felt and with the top and bottom of a cup I cut out circles. About 20 of each. Then I cut the circles in half.

I sewed the half circles on (like so) and kept going and going and
when I got close the middle I switched to the smaller semi-circles.

OH! I forgot to tell you I measured out the fabric to fit my pillow. Sorry. That is an important step.
Anywho, I sewed it all together....

...and VIOLA! Instant flower pillow covering thing! YAY!
I deserve a round of applause. I think it looks pretty darn good for a first timer.(Although it did take my four hours when the pattern thing I followed said it should only take 1...whatever. I'm a beginner, alright?)


Suki said...

I love it!!! Everything takes longer when you're a beginning. You keep it up and you'll be going fast in no time!

Laura Wynn said...

Cute! Good job!

Danae said...

Looks good!!

Ashley said...

That is so awesome!!!!