Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay so about two years ago this month I went to Europe with my awesome friend Linda! What a wonderful experience! There is snow here in rexburg and the air is chilly but not windy and it reminds me so much of Poland and Germany! I miss those places! Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures of Europe because I miss it a LOT! Oh and I took this really cheap camera to Europe with me and took...about 300 pictures and then I wasn't able to load them on this computer because the loader thingy is gone. anyway, my wonderful husband bought me a thingy (I wish I knew the names to these things) and I was able to load the pics on this computer! YAY! He is so great.
oh and I went to Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and France. 

Top pic-cathedral in Strasbourg France 
middle top-Torun, Poland
Middle bottom- Linda and I getting lost in Germany
Very bottom- Germany

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Laura Wynn said...

"and another one I can't remember, but the heads cut off.."
Oh Blair, I love you! These pictures are so fun!