Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, Hello world!!! Yes, it has been forever.
updates...updates...updates. Well Simon is now 4 yes FOUR months old! Well, four and a half. I cannot believe it. I want him to stay small and toothless forever but at the same time I am excited to see him grow up! To see what he will look like, what his personality will be. He seems to already have such a personality! He loves to laugh and smile and yell. Yes, I do believe yelling is one of his
favorite activities. And not sleeping. That's a close second.
He has the cutest little dimple on his left cheek that pokes through
whenever he smiles and it just makes me so happy.

Michael and I celebrated our third year anniversary last week. We've had so many adventures and I love him so much. I am SO blessed to have found someone who is the perfect man for me and who treats me with respect and tries to be the best dad. I love you, Michael. 

Michael started school today! Again. and for the last time, we all hope. can't wait for him to be done so we can get out of this limbo phase of life. Where we're not permanent residents but not passing through, either. OH and I started back up too. I'm not going full time because I don't really want to leave Simon, but I am taking an online class and one on campus. I'm really excited because that means I'll get to SEE people! TALK to people with words other than "agoo, mamamama" etc... And it means I'm one step closer to being done.

Well, I just KNOW there is more but I can't remember everything so I think I'm just going to post pictures now. To take up space. Oh, and so you can OOoooOOhhhh and AhhhhHHH over how cute my baby is ;)

On our wedding day.
In Europe

fun at the park