Monday, January 23, 2012


Where have I been? I haven't updated this thing in over two months!!!
what is wrong with me?!? Well, I've been busy. To say the LEAST!
One Word: baby
Okay two words : Baby, lackofsleep (yeah I just ran those together)

So I was due Nov 25th. Nov 23rd-Happy 23rd birthday to me!
Nov 24th-Happy birthday mom and Happy thanksgiving!
Nov 25th-LABOR DAY BABY DAY!! um...1 o'clock.....5 o'clock (pm)...
11 o'clock. Where in the heck is this baby! I try my hardest to be on time for everything that I sort of expected my baby to be the same way! But nope. Not happening.
The days roll around and I'm so uncomfortable. Michael and I are trying EVERYTHING to get him out. Long walks, really bumpy car rides, jumping, spicy food, foot massages (I can't complain about this one, one enjoyable thing)raspberry tea! UGH! I literally saw myself still pregnant at Christmas time. So I scheduled a date to be induced! Later that day I get a call from
one of the midwives saying she doesn't endorse being induced so she "strongly suggests" I wait it out. I burst into tears! Whatever lady! I bet you've never been late!
The next day my WATER breaks! I can't even tell you how happy I was! It's coming! It's coming! No more huge swolleness! No more laying on the couch in a weird position so I can breath!
My water broke at 4pm and a couple hours later I started having contractions! They were okay at first and then HOLY COW! Michael and I waited around at home and the waiting turned into "Hey lets go get some icecream!" so we went out and got ice cream. Totally random. At 11pm we finally went to the hospital, signed our life away, and they put me ina room. The contractions were pretty bad and so I asked for an epidural. Hey, like I've said before, you wouldn't get fillings without novacain or whatever, why push a big baby out of a small hole without pain meds? AFter the epidural I was super happy. I guess I complimented the epidural lady alot and I sort of remember flirting with the nurse...uhh don't judge me. Pain. Meds.
Time passed. I didn't sleep at all. Poor Michael tried to sleep but they don't really have comfortable couches to sleep on in the labor/delivery room.
I was finally ready to push and at around 1:00 I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed, they had to put my eyeballs back in because I SWEAR they fell out with all the pushing. at 3:59 pm I gave birth to the most beautiful "little" boy in the world. The took him out and laid him on my chest. I was so happy. it was OVER!
Simon Richard Kannely was 9 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long! HE WAS HUGE! The nurse said to me soon after "You shouldn't have babies after your due date. Make sure you have them before or at your due date." Such beautiful words. I wanted to hug her and punch my midwife in the face.
 So ever since then I've been home with little Simon. I love him. He is so great! He could cry all day (which he has done) but when he smiles I just melt. I totally love this boy.