Saturday, August 6, 2011


One day, when I have a house of my own with a yard and trees and stuff
I'm going to plant plant raspberry bushes and apple trees and so on...
okay so I haven't thought it TOTALLY through, only because it seems like a distant
dream, but I really would like to have a garden and reap the rewards from it!
So in the mean time, we bought raspberries from the local Rotary! 14 lbs of them! 
I was out of town the day we were supposed to pick them up and MIchael forgot so when we got them they weren't really raspBERRIES as they were raspMUSH. But they were awesome just the same!

We have already made some raspberry vinagairette (how is it spelled?) that I quickly put on a spinach salad for dinner!
I don't know if I'd make it again. Or maybe I'll try a new recipe. This recipe was REALLY acidic and it sort of left little burns on my lips... but I was so proud that I made it that I just ate it anyways!
Michael surprised me when I came home the other day and he made raspberry freezer jam! Oh Freezer Jam! How I love thee!
It is so good!
I still have like 12 lbs left and I'm running out of options and fridge space (it's a big container)
any recipes? suggestions?