Sunday, January 17, 2010

we made it

Phew. After packing up our entire apartment (I'm exaggerating a bit) and driving for 10 days and 50000 miles we finally made it! HERE WE ARE WASHINGTON!!! Okay so the ride wasn't THAT long it's just I've never driven by myself for about fourteen hours. There were parts of the trip I had never even seen before but thats just because while michael and I usually came I was asleep. haha.
So being here is great. The weather is wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain, as well as the sunshine, and I cannot WAIT to re-do our bedroom! We've been given the "GO" on giving our room a facelift and I cannot wait!!!!!!! I've never been able to do that to a room of my own before. James never let us touch our white walls. Bleck. (u probably remember this danielle) and we couldn't really paint our apartment so...YAY! I'm thinking light blue walls and maybe focus the colors around a painting I've done. like incorporate it? Does that even make sense?
oh and Michael loves his new job. He's working as a loss prevention-guy for Macy's. He gets to wear whatever he wants and stop bad guys! Plus it pays better than idaho which is a PLUS! I'm still looking for a job. Gonna really buckle down on it this week. I was sort of enjoying not working but I'm starting to get bored and restless and feeling useless. I need a job.
anyway, I'll try to post pics of before and after on the room!