Thursday, April 7, 2011

update shmupdate

So about a month ago (actually a month ago EXACTLY) we went on a trip to Germany! Michael 
is so awesome and surprised me with the tickets about a month earlier when I had a particularly bad day at work! He is so awesome! So anyways, here are some pictures of our trip.

Frankfurt from our hotel room window

 Breakfast. YUMMMY!!!

Why can't buildings in America look like this???

 My husband the cutie patootie.

Sorry about all the changing text colors. I was testing out some that I liked. I settled on this one.

So work has been good. Bev (one of my co-workers and friends) just came back from Germany too. She  had never been before and she LOVED it. She also fell in love with Doner kebaps. Those are so good! If you don't know what they are you will just have to travel over to Germany and try one!

So life has been very good over in our neck of the woods. Lots of sunshine (scratch that, occasional but very APPRECIATED sunshine) and the trees are blossoming. My favorite time of year. Besides fall. :)

All righty, Ta ta for now!

OH almost forgot one more picture...